Immer neue Denkanstöße
Immer neue Denkanstöße

Immer neue Denkanstöße

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Well, it's quite funny

Yes, in english this time. In my bad english, that's not well understandable by native speakers.

But that's not my problem. Because this is only a nice "hello" to all the stupid spammers and trolls out there, who think they are so smart, because they can spam some commercial spams into a blog.

Well... perhabs someone wondered, why i deleted the troll spam not right on time. Well, why? This is an old blog, which I don't use since 3 years. Nobody read it anymore and I also don't post any new articles herein (ok, this one.)

How does it come to this point? I posted my opinion about Jessi Slaughter on YouTube. And as you know the ED and b-tards, they can everything, but nor think or live with criticism. Ok, no 13 year old boy can live with the criticism, that he is a dump idiot, who is only angry about a girl, because she picked another guy *löl*

This blog was linked in my youtube account. And so they used the comment function for spamming. Not getting, that the only think they do is sending me an email that another stupid guy has not read the first post of the blog (or he didn't understand it, why should an Englishman oder Americanman be able to use the translation feature of google. Everybody should write in english, so that the stupid guys can understand it .)

Ok, but now the fun is over. Not because of any specific spam. But only, because I closed the comment-function and de-mobilized most of the blog. Did I mentioned, that this is an old, 3 year not used blog? Well, I think I did, so you have the reason.

I hope everybody enjoyed the reading of my articles on this blog. And if you want to read more: at you can read much newer stuff.

But: There is a Akismet against Spam installed *lol*

Yours SaschaP
24.9.10 16:20

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